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GPS: 49°33’29.878″N, 18°20’45.266″E

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Čeladná is a picturesque village lying in the heart of Moravian-Silesian Beskids, surrounded by peaks of Ondrejnik, Smrk, Mala a Velka Stolova and Lysa hora.

The history of the village probably started in 15th century. The first written mention about Čeladná however dates back to the very end of 16th century, when the village is recorded in the land register of the dominion of Hukvaldy of 1581. According to the legend the name of the village is derived from the word “čeládka” (domestic servants), who had to walk on regular basis to Hukvaldy.

Čeladná is a picturesque village lying in the heart of Beskydy mountains. You will find a beautiful and sometimes even untouched nature in Čeladná, splendid valley of Čeladenka river, streams with crystal clear water as well as many opportunities to actively spend a family holiday, weekend in two or entertainment with friends. Čeladná has been recently experiencing a stormy development. A new square grew up in the centre of the village with tens of flats, shops. Spa tradition as old dating back to 1902 is followed up by rehabilitation centre together with newly built Lara Wellness centre. Also thanks to the 36-hole golf course area Čeladná belongs to the most frequently visited places of Northern Moravia.

Is a public art project, which creates a series of memorial places dedicated to the last president of Czechoslovakia and the first president of the Czech Republic, Václav Havel.

An architect, designer and close friend to Havel, Bořek Šípek, created a piece of public art to represent Havel and his democratic views. The installation consists of two garden chairs around a round table, usually with a tree going through its middle. There is the Havel’s Quote “Truth and Love shall prevail over Lies and Hatred” inscribed along its rim.


Po medvědích tlapkách

Čeladná, Kunčice pod Ondřejník and back

Easy trail of 10 km. From Čeladná Train Station along Wallachian trail to the Beskydske Rehabilitační Center, the garden with precious woods, with Ferdinand‘s Spring, and restaurant „U Sestřiček“. From there, cross the railway and you will reach Ruský kostelík. Follow the blue sign towards Horní Čeladná and along the main road you get back to Čeladná.

Čeladná, Horní Čeladná, Studánka Cyrilka and back

Short easy walk of 6 km along the road. Along the way you can visit Memorial of Josef Kalus. Tasting of good water from the Cyrila’s Spring. Not far away, there is weir on the river Čeladenka. In summer, there is a possibility of swimming in the river.

Čeladná, Ondřejník, Solárka, Skalka, Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem and back

Moderate trail of 18 km with Elevation gain of 480m. Follow the yellow sigh, then green and you reach Solárka. There is a chalet that belongs to Club of Czech Tourists. From there, follow blue sign to the peak of Skalka (964m) For challenging climb, you will be rewarded with a spectacular panoramic views of Beskydy. The blue sign continues to the Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem Train Station.

Čeladná, Podolánky nad back

Easy one-way walk of 13 km. The easiest way is to use a link bus to get up and take a walk on the way back. If we start from Čeladná, go towards Horín Čeladná to Cyrilka’s Spring, then along low-traffic road along the river Čeladenka to the hotel Srdce Beskyd.

Čeladná, Ostravice and back

Moderate walk of 10 km with elevation gain of 400m. Head up towards Horní Čeladná, follow the blue sign at Spring Cyrilka and continue along mountain road called “Smrkovka” until you reach Ostravice. To get back, it is possible to take a train with a change in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí or it is possible to walk along the right side of downstream of the river Ostravice to Frýdlant nad Ostravicí (6km). Along the way, we pass a memorial of Petr Bezruč.

Čeladná, Smrk, Ostravice and back

Difficult trail with elevation gain of 800m. Head up towards Horní Čeladná, follow the blue sign at Spring Cyrilka. Suddenly, you see a signpost, follow red sign. Climb the mountainside towards the peak of Smrk (1276m). There is a small memorial of John Lennon of stones. You may also add a stone yourself. Continue along red sign to Ostravice. From there either walk along blue sign mountain road called “Smrkovka” or you can take a train back to Čeladná.

Čeladná, Martiňák, Čertův Mlýn, Pustevny and back

Difficult trail with elevation gain of 750m. Head up towards Horní Čeladná, at Spring Cyrilka go straight on the road along the river Čeladenka to Kociánka. Follow the blue sign until you reach chalet Martiňák. Change to green sign and follow it till you get Čertův Mlýn. Follow red sign to Tanečnice and Pustevny where you can enjoy interesting buildings from architect D. Jurkovič. There are two options from Pustevny. Either you take cabel railway to Ráztoka and by bus to Frenštát and by train to Čeladná, or back to Čertův Mlýn and walk along the red sign to Čeladná.

MTB Beskydy

Čeladná, Podolánky and back

25 km short Trail. Direction to Horní Čeladná. By the Spring Cyrilka strait on along the river Čeladenka. You reach Podolánky, hotel Srdce Beskyd where you can get some refreshment. And back to Čeladna.

Čeladná, Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem, Maralův kopec, Ráztoka, Pustevny, Prostřední Bečva, Mezivodí, Lhotská, Podolánky, Čeladná.

Difficult trail of 60 km with Elevation gain of 700 m. Direction Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem, Maralův Hill, Bystré and Trojanovice. Turn to Ráztoka and then hike steep along mountain road to Pustevny. You reach poetic wooden construction named Pustevny, Maměnka and Libušín where you can enjoy different kinds of refreshments. Afterwards, long downhill to Prostredni Becva. From there to Mezivodí. Follow the green sign along Lučovec, Lhotské, Umučeny and Kociánka. You reach the road and go along the river Čeladenka to the center of Čeladná.

The route is quite challenging, nevertheless, it is worth, as you can see the cultural heritage as well as beauty of nature.

Čeladná, Podolánky, Šance, Staré Hamry, Jamník, Mazák, Ostravice, Čeladná

Moderate trail of 55 km. Direction to Horní Čeladná, by the spring Cyrilka go straight on along the river Čeladenka until you reach Podolánky. By Hotel Srdce Beskyd follow yellow sign that leads us to the Šance dam. On the main road, turn towards Bílá, but at the end of Šance dam turn to Staré Hamry. Go strait on along the road to Jamník, along the hole Šance dam, Ostravice, Mazák and Ostravice rail station. From Ostravice you can choose two routs. One is mountainous route “Smrkovka” blue sign or along the river on the right side Nová Dědina and then along the main road to Čeladná.

Čeladná, Ostravice and back

Short 25 km trail. Direction Horní Čeladná, by the spring Cyrilka turn left on the road called “Smrkovka” and follow the blue sign till you reach blue sign which leads you to Ostravice. To get back, you go along the river Ostravice to Nova Dědina then along the main road to Čeladná. Or you can go back the same way but be prepared for climbing.

Čeladná, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Lichnov, Štramberk, Kopřivnice, přehrada Větřkovice, Hukvaldy, Kozlovice, Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem, Čeladná

Moderate trail of 50 km, usually leads you along low-traffic roads. First stop is in Frenštat pod Radhoštěm. Direction to Lichnov, Štramberk with its landmark, Štramberská Trúba. Go on to Kopřivnice and only short way to Větřkovice dam. And then directly to Hukvaldy.
You can get back to Čeladná via Kozlovice and Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem.

Čeladná, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, Krasná, Zlatník, Visalaje, Šance, Ostravice, Čeladná

Difficult trail of 65 km. Follow the road from Čeladná to Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, Pržno, Krásná, Zlatník and Visalaje. From Visalaje continue and follow the blue sign towards Šance dam. Along the dam you reach Mazák and than Ostravice. From Ostravice you have two options to get back: Either you follow a blue sign, mountain road called “Smrkovka” or you choose the main road. A part of trail, Ostravice-Nová Dědina, you you can go along the right bank of the river Ostravice, a low-traffic road. From Nová Dědina turn to Čeladná and then go along quite heavy-traffic main road back to Čeladná.